Fika Works

FikaWorks is a collective (a coop) of independent IT consultants from the Netherlands, active in the cloud native area.

FikaWorks Collective is a homogenous group of people, each of us with his own strengths, competencies and opinions that enjoys working together. They don’t have management layers in the collective and every member has equal votes for all decisions. Members can choose their own projects and can decide on their individual terms (duration, working hours, rate).

My Role

I helped FikaWorks to define their logo that would best reflect their goals and ideas.


Through logo I wanted to explore different ways of incorporating different expertise, background, and knowledge that Fika has. To build successful products or services, Fika has to incorporate experts from a range of fields, but when you have it and they are aligned with each other - they can build great products.


Final Result

Read more about steps and our collaboration here