Switch to Circular Economy Value Chains

Switch to Circular Economy Value Chains programme aims to support MSME (micro-, small, and medium sized) suppliers in developing countries in the value chains of large EU manufacturers and buyers to jointly identify, adopt, and excel in circular economy practices.

The transition towards a circular economy is imperative to achieve economic, environmental and societal benefits, which can significantly reduce poverty. SWITCH supports and facilitates effective and replicable pilot projects that involve all relevant actors across selected value chains and enable enterprises to meet their circularity goals.

My responsibilities

  • Brand design
  • Graphic Design (social media, reports)



  • B2B
  • Government/Policy



  • The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)


Logo design

Switch to Circular Economy Value Chains is a part of a bigger "SWITCH" programme, that focuses on the global supply chain, circular economy, sustainable consumption and production.

Primary colour blue was a part of an establish brand design.

Together with SWITCH team, we decided that the logo should reflect values like: Integrity, Transparency, Connection and Circularity. My main inspiration for the logo were 3 main value chains that are part of a SWITCH programme (Plastic, Textiles and electronics)

One of the logo options (rejected) :


Final Design



This policy paper, produced under the Switch to Circular Economy Value Chains project, assesses how EU policy is accelerating the circular economy transition, what implications this will have for global value chains, and how developing country producers may navigate changing markets.

My responsibilities

  • Graphic Design (report, data visualization)